shaping bodysuit

Shapewear is one of the most useful items in your wardrobe. A shaping bodysuit is the secret that makes you look flawlessly curvy and sleek in any outfit. But, other than looks, it is very important for your body-shaping undergarments to be comfortable and offer the best functionality. So, pick the highest quality pieces from Feelingirl and make the most of your shapewear.

Here are all the reasons why you should focus on comfort and functionality.

1. Wearing for Long Hours 

Shapewear is not just for parties or formal events that only last a few hours. You also wear it on an everyday basis to your office or for a day to night transformation. So, this means, you need to wear it for long hours. If it’s uncomfortable, you’ll suffer a lot! You might even be discouraged to wear it the next time.

So, avoid the discomfort and choose pieces that feel soft and light. The fabric should be stretchable and must not make you feel suffocated or restricted. Feel light and free with the right shapewear from Feelingirl.


2. Versatile Usage

A full body shaper is something you can wear with a lot of your outfits. Plus, you can also turn a stylish bodysuit into your outerwear if you wear it with your jeans or skirts. Some women also pull over a nice jacket or sheer kimono over their shapewear for a very trendy look.

So, you can use these pieces in a versatile way. When you are wearing your shapewear with different clothes and creating so many looks, it must definitely be comfortable.

full body shaper

3. Office Attire 

Look your best at your workplace by layering shapewear under your clothes. A good quality bodysuit can also be your work top if you match it with the right jacket and pair of pants. Similarly, a v neck thong bodysuit can be a really stylish piece if you wear it with your work jacket and skirt. This combination of shapewear plus your everyday clothes create one-of-a-kind work looks for you.

But, your shapewear has to be very comfortable so that you can spend your AM to PM shift at ease. Plus, you will also be able to focus on your work tasks better if your undergarments are not causing discomfort.

4. Workout Freedom

Comfortable and functional shapewear makes your workout and sports activities more fun. You get freedom of movement through stretchable and high-quality fabrics. So, you look great, feel comfortable, and can work out with high productivity.

Workout Freedom

5. Staying Discreet under Clothes

The right shapewear stays a secret. It’s thin and light plus you can choose shades that are close to your skin tone. All of these features keep your undergarments hidden inside your outfit. So, you can feel more confident when you wear them.

The right shapewear

Final Thoughts 

Don’t just focus on the style when you are choosing your shapewear. You should also pay attention to the comfort and the functionality of the body-shapers. This is when these pieces will

serve you the best!

By ayead