Danisa Butter Cookies

Danisa Butter Cookies

Do you know about the original cookies from Denmark? Or you have been heard about Butter Cookies? Well, in this article, we want to tell you about it, which are usually called Danish Cookies. If you want to have it, just go to Danisa Butter Cookies. Let’s check out this article below for further information!

What is Danish Butter Cookies?

These cookies are made of butter and love, said Norwegian proverb. It is true, because we will fall in love easily with them. Mostly, people eat these cookies with some chocolate at a cafe, home, and another place they love to be. Well known as Brysslkex or Sables, actually, it contains not much of ingredients. They are just prepared from sugar, butter, and flour, but when you start eating, it’s very hard to stop until your last bite.

Also, the cookies do not have many calories, too. Danish Cookies has 50 kcal in one piece, and we all know the butter is different from the other. People of Danish have their own butter, so that’s why they have a pretty good tasting cookies.

Five Kinds of Danish Cookies

When you open its tin, at least there are five kinds of cookies. The simple one which Finnish Beard is in the center. Then, the U-Shaped Cookies which called Kransekage and usually served at a traditional wedding. Also, Kringle, Butter Cookies, and Kanelkager or Cinnamon Cakes because it has cinnamon sprinkled on top of them.

When you visit Denmark, just make sure you buy this popular pastry. For your information, one popular brand that is quite popular among the native is Danisa Butter Cookies. Not only the best brand of Brysslkex, there are souvenir which is inspired by these cookies. Fake Danish Cookies, key chain, and miniature can be a good souvenir for you.

So if you want to buy the original one of Danisa Butter Cookies, you can just visit many stores in Denmark, such as store in Copenhagen or the Foods Store in Helsinki Airport. Good Luck!

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